The World as We Know It

The World as We Know It
9/11: yet again, war
4 minutes  /  16mm  /  color

9/11:  The flags come out and we go to war.  Smart bombs or not, just war or not, both the guilty and the innocent die -- as they always have, in appalling numbers, through the centuries.

The World as We Know It was made in response to a call put out to the American documentary community in the weeks after 9/11 for short films addressing that tragedy and its aftermath.  Some of these films, including The World as We Know It, were compiled as a shorts program, called "Underground Zero," which toured theatrically.

Director's Choice Award
Black Maria Film Festival

Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival, New York
Full Frame Film Festival, Durham, NC
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
Ann Arbor Film Festival
Athens Film Festival, Ohio
Rafael Film Center, San Rafael, CA
Osnabruck Film Festival, Germany
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
The Roxie Theater, San Francisco
Fine Arts Theatre, Berkeley
Sao Paulo International Festival of Short Film
SeNef Festival of New Media, Seoul, South Korea
Red Vic Theater, San Francisco
Sundance Channel (Cable TV)
Nickelodeon Theatre, Columbia, SC
Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, BC
George Eastman Theatre, Rochester, NY

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