Life Overtakes Me

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Life Overtakes Me
40 minutes  

Over the past fifteen years, hundreds of refugee children in Sweden have become afflicted with Resignation Syndrome, withdrawing into a coma-like state for months, or even years. The families of these children have been subjected to severe trauma in their home countries, followed by the anxiety of a lengthy asylum process and an uncertain future.

Intercut with sweeping Swedish landscapes, Life Overtakes Me follows three families for over a year. Viewers are immersed in their lives as the anguished parents struggle to care for their sick children.

Sundance Film Festival

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
          Audience Award, BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY
Cinema Eye Honors 2020 Shortlist
Aspen Shortsfest
San Francisco International Film Festival
Florida Film Festival
Chicago Critics Film Festival
          Audience Award, BEST DOCUMENTARY
Crested Butte Film Festival

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